Did you know that EAC funds qualifying rescues with financial sponsorship and the free use of our transport vehicle?

Driving rehabilitated cats and dogs to their new home out of state requires a safe, temperature-controlled, van that can hold crates, supplies and the precious volunteers that drive them.

Who We Are

The Everglades Animals Coalition (EAC) is made up of three separate funding organizations: The Pegasus Foundation, Pets Broward, and Cold Noses Foundation. These organizations came together to address the dire situation in the Everglades where companion animals are being dumped, injured, harmed and stolen for illegal purposes at an alarming rate.

Many of these animals are unofficially “adopted” by local land owners who feed the animals but cannot spend the funds to spay and neuter them or provide basic veterinary care, thus contributing to breeding more strays. Which is where we come in.

Our Impact

Ongoing Projects

The Everglades Animals Coalition sole purpose is to rescue animals from the Everglades and Redlands area of Miami. Stay tuned for details on our ongoing projects and how you can help!

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Past Projects

More than 20 dogs were recently rescued from the Everglades and Redlands area of Miami, as part of one effort, thanks to a collaboration with the Cold Noses Foundation.

Eleven adults and nine puppies were saved from the hostile environment where heat stroke, predation from alligators and snakes, and starvation were everyday threats. These lucky pups were rescued by volunteers: workers who frequent the area to feed and safely capture the dogs to remove them from harm. The dogs were transported via van to Washington Humane Society where they received immediate medical care and were later adopted out to qualified homes.

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The Everglades

The Everglades are a place of immense beauty and diverse natural habitat. Our mission is to help companion animals abandoned here, by providing grants and support to rescuers in the community.

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Our Grants

Medical Grants

Given on an ongoing basis to rescuers to help address the crisis in the Florida Everglades.

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Transport Grants

This is a non-monetary grant that gives use of our transport vehicle.

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