About Us

The Everglades Animals Coalition (EAC) is made up of three separate funding organizations-The Pegasus Foundation, Pets Broward, and Cold Noses Foundation. Their goal is to collectively address the dire situation in the Everglades and surrounding areas where companion animals are being dumped at an alarming rate and left to suffer. There is also a large problem with stray animals being injured, harmed or stolen for nefarious purposes. (Dog fighters know to go to these areas to take dogs and cats no one will miss to use as bait animals for dog fighting rings.) In addition to being dumped, many animals are unofficially “adopted” by local land owners who feed the animals, but cannot spend the funds to spay and neuter these animals or provide basic veterinary care, allowing them to roam freely and contribute to breeding more strays.

Our Mission

Providing funding to rescuers and resources to locals in order to reduce suffering of dogs and cats in the Florida Everglades.

Grace Johns | Pets Broward
Grace Johns
Pets' Broward

Organizations like the Everglades Animal Coalition help us to continue to provide our service and promote the humane treatment of animals through education and advocacy.

Our Method

The EAC provides funding for grants on a medical basis to the boots-on-the-ground rescuers who are working tirelessly to save as many companion animals as possible from the Everglades and surrounding areas.

Our Grants

Quarterly Grants

Given on an ongoing basis to rescuers to help address the crisis in the Florida Everglades.

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Transport Grants

This is a non-monetary grant that gives use of our transport vehicle.

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